Design Challenge:
How can I develop a device that allows users to engage their entire bodies in the drawing process? 

Project Overview: Created as a final project for my Drawing Machines class, the DrawMax 5000 developed out of my desire to design a machine that used the entire body to create a drawing. I drew inspiration from old fitness machines and athletic equipment to create a machine that requires users to engage in a wide range of motion as they “drew” on the wall. The machine itself moves similarly to an etch-a-sketch, naturally creating horizontal and vertical lines. There are two controllers for the machine, one is a chest harness the other a set of two handles. When users move together they create a drawing. The neon outlines on pages helped to encourage users to work together to coordinate their movements to create diagonal lines and even curves. This project aimed to ask users to consider the act of drawing as extending beyond the hand and into physical and collaborative space.