Abigayle Jane Cosinuke 

Abigayle is a designer focusing on interaction and industrial design. Her work investigates the gray area between physical and digital existence. Her practice is rooted in digital “tool breaking”, the glitch, autobiography and research. She is currently and MFA candidate at California College of the Arts. 



Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all aspects of society, but in an exhibtion design class, we were tasked with reimagining what an exhibition could look like in a remote future. This project explores how digital exhibitions can heighten viewers acecss and interactions with objects they might otherwise not have the ability to engage with so directly. Hijacking inDesign, I used it as an exhibition space, allowing viewers to upload their own iamge into the file and arange different pieces of jewelry to create a unique portait.

This is an ongoing project, and I encourage you to participate! You can download the inDesign file here. The final portraits will be made into a printed publication