Abigayle Jane Cosinuke 

Abigayle is a designer focusing on interaction and industrial design. Her work investigates the gray area between physical and digital existence. Her practice is rooted in digital “tool breaking”, the glitch, autobiography and research. She is currently and MFA candidate at California College of the Arts. 



This experimental website explores using the scroll as a narrative device, giving agency to the viewer and the fine line between public and private life in the digital age.

October 2020

TikTok TinyThesis

Created as a first attempt at defining my thesis research, this TikTok TinyThesis uses TikTok as a tool to investigate itself. 
September 2020

Meeting ID: 04 1724 2020

This series of images are a collection of self-portraits created entirely in Zoom. As days layer on themselves, and edges of time blur into pools of light, I have been layering myself on myself, exploring the unknown aesthetic ability of a platform we suddenly rely so heavily upon. Alone on Zoom, I have been exploring new ways of capturing my image and understanding the many dimensions of my space, both physical and virtual.

This series was part of an exhibition at the Architecture + Design Museum in Los Angeles. 
April 2020

360 Palms

Created using the Google StreetView app, this series utlizes the glitches that occur when humans and machines interface. How does an algorithm react when a human missuses it, and how do algorithmic expectations alter human behavior? 

March, 2020


Created as a final project for my Drawing Machines class, the DrawMax 5000 developed out of my desire to design a machine that used the entire body to create a drawing.

December, 2019